Vancouver in Times of Covid – Taxi and Cabs with no place to go

The COVID-19 was the second strike against the Vancouver Taxi industry, first being the a ride-sharing approval which took a bite (small albeit) from the Taxi industry. However, it was the Corona virus of 2020 (COVID-19) which really struck hard. Multiple Taxi companies in Vancouver have reported between 75-90% decrease in their customers, with two companies in Lower Mainland going into a full shutdown.

The April and May season will usually bring into Vancouver thousands of tourists, by air and more importantly by Sea. Where last spring and fall the Cabs and Taxis were on the streets waiting for customers, now they are waiting for times to change.

In the spring of 2020 everything has changed. With the global pandemic and physical distancing as a rule, there are no customers for the cab drivers to pick up and shuttle across town, or down a few blocks from Yaletown to Gastown. As the city has gone into a standstill the Taxis came to a hold.

So where do the Taxis go when they are not in use. Well we found them, and captured the strangeness of the situation…and its tragedy, for the cab drivers whose livelihood has been put on pause.

Video and Photos Below

So when this all ends and we are once again enjoying the outdoors, support your Taxi drivers with a ride and a tip!

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