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21 Nov 2016 in Portraits, Public, Stories

Tynan Rollo and his roommate organized the Octieber event this past month of October wearing a different tie/scarf/bowtie each day and used a different knot. But it was not just about style, Tynan and Ryan jointly raised over 3700$ which was donated to WAVAW – Women Against Violence Against Women.

Each day they posted on social media and worked to spread the message of tolerance, respect and understanding. To help tell his story we did a photoshoot and a quick video below, please join Tynan at octieber.com to support the cause and join him next year!
To find out more go to: http://www.octieber.com
Support and Learn More About WAVAW: http://www.wavaw.ca

check out all the knot types on the right
and the video interview below

Classy folk standing up against rape culture 

The Tenets of Octieber: 

1. Wear a tie everyday of the month to draw attention to male privilege and gender based violence. 
2. Recognize that the tie represents male privilege and power. Acknowledge the systems that perpetuate this privilege and work to dismantle it. 
3. Engage in conversation on rape culture and educate people around you. 
4. Be kind and welcoming to those who approach and want to learn more. 
5. Listen to women. As a man we cannot experience what they have. 
6. Experience a small part of the dress expectations that are placed on women by taking your time to create an outfit that matches your tie everyday. 
7. Call out behaviours which perpetuate rape culture. 
8. Advocate for support for survivors of sexual and physical violence. 
9. Dedicate time to reading and learning more about gender based violence. 
10. Fundraise for a local women's shelter.

Charities this Group Supports: