Flying Angels Christmas Presents in Vancouver – Journalism – Photography

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This morning the Mission to Seafarers – Flying Angel Club ( and TYMAC Launch Services organized the annual presents to sailors delivery of holiday gifts and presents to crew and staff on vessels on anchor and in port throughout Vancouver. This annual event has been held in different forms by the Mission and Tymac since the 70s and this year was no exception. 
Setting off at 9 from the foot of Main Street at the Tymac tug terminal and  am led by Anglican Rev Peter Smyth (Port Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers), Deacon Dileep  Athaide (Roman Catholic Church – Chaplains) and Stephen David (TYMAC) the teams on two boats made their way to the cargo vessels on anchor in English Bay. Moving from ship to ship and dropping off packages for the crew at each vessel they delivered over 400 presents to the nearly two dozen vessels in the harbor. 

For each boat, some of whom were expecting presents and some who were quite surprised the gantry was lowered and the team embarked with bags of presents. Wrapped and encased in waterproof bags these were hand delivered to the ship crew whose smiles were beaming at the surprise. The crew on these ships bring us 90% of everything we own and work for generally 9 months straight with no real time off, something that is felt even more during the holiday season. 
Contacts for the mission is: 
Mission to Seafarers
Vancouver and Roberts Bank

fax 604-253-0874

Seawall Falling Down

sewall_00038During a bike ride last night, while the city of Vancouver was watching the Canucks in their face off with the Calgary rivals I had witnessed an outright dangerous moment in the life of the Seawall which surrounds Stanley Park. The composition of the hill side between Lions Gate and Siwash Rock is composed of a sheer plantless stone like wall.

What first looked like a vertical crack in the 70 foot hillside a few days ago broke off in a single flat sheet and came crashing down on the seawall below. No one was injured. It landed covering a portion of the bike path.

The Parks Board rangers have also been monitoring this area for failure – and in advance ,around the potential fail point cones were em-placed.

While I stood there taking pictures with my pocket camera and filming two  Park Rangers (D and A) arrived. Two vehicles, cones and basic clean up equipment, the Vancouver Parks Board Staff  were here to address and cordon off the fault area. As well as to clean things up.

Well done Parks Board Rangers, now the only thing which remains is review of the hillside and decide what to do with the giant trees looming right above the failed piece of the seawall hillside.



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