Red Ivy – Stays Hot in the Fall

A quick upload of pictures from a shoot with a wonderful model, Michelle ( ) who can turn from sexy to sultry, to innocent for the camera in a blink of an eye.

Loved doing the test shoot and was able to capitalize on the fantastic fall colors.

For the techies, the setup was fairly simple one… two SB700s shooting into a 72″ umbrella with either the on camera flash of the D610 as a commander  or using the SB910 in commander mode for the brigher outdoor area where there was too much ambient light.

Diagram of the setup for the shot against the wall with the Ivy.


Here are some shots! Enjoy! and make sure to like my FB page 🙂

Shawn Sviridov - Michelle - Red Ivy Shawn Sviridov - Michelle - Red Ivy Shawn Sviridov - Michelle - Red Ivy Outdoor photography


San Francisco and Beyond

This summer I had gone down to Silicon Valley (silicone or silicon?) and had a fantastic time including a trip down through SF and the ocean front areas. On the way back we had stopped in at the Windfarms just east of SF and took some shots.  From fishing in the ocean, to pelicans, and horses to massive wind farms here are some of the photos from that trip.


SFO-2 SFO-3 SFO-4 SFO-5 SFO-6 SFO-7 SFO-8 SFO-9 SFO-10 SFO-11 SFO-12 SFO-13 SFO-14

Shooting for a Fundraiser in Rockabilly Style

A fantastic and positive event at Rocky Point Taphouse in Port Moody and I was invited to capture and photograph the event.

Event Page: ( )


Here are some shots and see more on my facebook page and make sure to like it too  🙂

ss1bonusRocky Point Fund Raiser RPTLogol76 RPTLogol89 RPTLogol93 RPTLogol94

"Fun"draiser for 6year old Seanny 3x Cancer Survivor. Mister Nickel will be hosting the Event with Pennie Bell starting off the Evening. Jay & The Cadillac Bones will be Belting Out the Best Rockabilly in the Lower Mainland!!

Dixie Delight will be hosing an Auction mid-way through the night with some "Very Cool Things"..

Audrey Marx and Ann Narkey will then be showing off their Sultry Burlesque moves to be followed by Jay & the Cadillac Bones.

Stanley Park – Bike Riders (MEC)

In Stanley Park on the trails a shot with my Sigma 400mm of the two bikers riding along. The lighting was perfect.



Supermoon Sunset with vancouver in the background.

Jumped into the car and drove to Jericho near UBC to take some quick shots of the moon (super moon ? blood moon ? ) the MOON. Looking east I could not see it, well that was because with the partial eclipse which was ongoing from the moon rise, it was too under lit by the sun. and looked pale until the sun had set and it became dark enough to really see the moon.

Here are some shots, Jericho / Spanish banks, people getting ready to shoot and some wide angle shots.

I was shooting manual iso 500 – then up to iso 1600 using my sigma 400mm, 105mm f2.5 and 24 f2.8

Manual lens magic. Moon!

moon and super moon

moon and super moon

beach shot

beach shot

people Vancouver and super moon

people Vancouver and super moon