Bike the Night 2019 – Vancouver

Shooting on the 50mm 1.2 the night riders!

The night ride is an annual event here in Vancouver British Columbia, orgnaized by the HUB (A bike alliance), City of Vancouver and a west coast sports / travel retail giant Mountain Equipment Coop. This year it took place on September 7th and I had just enough time after a long day at work to grab my equipment and pop out to take some photos.

Other than the brightly lit riders I wanted to see what I could do with a 50mm 1.2 AIS lens, which had just newly arrived. So it was a lens test too. The 1980s vintage Nikon 50mm AIS 1.2 did well as I rushed out the door and did not get a battery for my DSLR. Never fear, I switched bodies to a Sony a6300 which gave me descent focus peaking (Telling me where to focus).

Pushing ISO up to 800 and shooting all manual is a breeze! 🙂 mostly, Hit ratio in low light of the evening with moving riders I was able to get about 100 out of 260 shots in focus and with interesting subjects. For a location I used the overpass of the Burrard Street bridge (in the background) to provide a bit more shelter from the last light of the evening as the sun had just set. A real main light source was the yellow amber glow of a streetlight to the right beyond the darkening sky in the background.

To get an idea of the lighting check out the video below:

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