Family Day and Bubbles – Vancouver

A non work, or photo or business post, this is all about fun in the sun. I must admit, I haven’t seen that many people with smiles on their faces for a long time!

As my godson in the video said, ” real friends not virtual are the best, and as for chasing bubbles, it’s way more fun than playing xbox at home. ”

Family day has been designated a few years ago as a new statutory holiday in British Columbia, falling on the second Monday in February.  Today Family Day decided to happen on a lovely sunny day with just a little bit of breeze.

Local “Bubble magicians” – as that is the term that best applies – were en force sending small and giant bubbles into the smiling faces of adults and to the delights of the kids who were running to pop them!

I had posted some photos on Instagram but here is the rest of them, a very quick blog entry but it was awesome.

A video and photos below.

Some photos too..