April 2015

VPD Traffic Enforcement Unit

Ran into the VPD Traffic Enforcement Unit down on Denman and Georgia this Saturday in Vancouver … with the motorcycles lined up and shining in the weekend sun I was able to snap some photos.

The great battle of mid day sun and its shadows vs … well a camera. ūüôā

Here are some of those. With logo and without.

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Seawall Falling Down

sewall_00038During a bike ride last night, while the city of Vancouver was watching the Canucks in their face off with the Calgary rivals I had witnessed an outright dangerous moment in the life of the Seawall which surrounds Stanley Park. The composition of the hill side between Lions Gate and Siwash Rock is composed of a sheer plantless stone like wall.

What first looked like a vertical crack in the 70 foot hillside a few days ago broke off in a single flat sheet and came crashing down on the seawall below. No one was injured. It landed covering a portion of the bike path.

The Parks Board rangers have also been monitoring this area for failure – and in advance ,around the potential fail point cones were em-placed.

While I stood there taking pictures with my pocket camera and filming two  Park Rangers (D and A) arrived. Two vehicles, cones and basic clean up equipment, the Vancouver Parks Board Staff  were here to address and cordon off the fault area. As well as to clean things up.

Well done Parks Board Rangers, now the only thing which remains is review of the hillside and decide what to do with the giant trees looming right above the failed piece of the seawall hillside.



sewall_00006 sewall_00003 sewall_00009 sewall_00016 sewall_00022 sewall_00029 sewall_00044 sewall_00038 sewall_00037Video

Music Man on Hastings

Hastings and Seymour corner has the Grant Thornton Place which features a dome-covered open-air plaza at the northwest corner of Hastings and Seymour streets. Which has a very neat acoustic property which allows this musician who I snapped with a 50mm on my D300s while he was jamming. A single speaker on a strap with a battery and his guitar and the dome is filled with sound.




Seagull vs Starfish

Over at the Lonsdale Quay as seagull had picked up a starfish and half eaten it with still pulsing tentacles hanging from its mouth. This can definitely be a type of a science fiction or a fantasy monster a bird with tentacles! ūüôā

PS. Time to clean the sensor.


Seagull Seagull Seagull Seagull

Time Lapse – my garden

I put down my Nikon and lazily focused at about a foot away or so using the 24mm F2.8 Nikkor prime manual lens. After about 4 hours I had 55 shots which I stitched into a quick animated gif below. Now I just need to control the light and repeat the process. But look at the plants grow!

sprouts on my balcony, 55 frame time lapse.

BC Ferries Photos

Went out to hunt down some photos of nature, wildlife and managed to get a couple of shots of the BC Ferries, with the Queen of Oak Bay and Queen of Surrey – one was leaving Horseshoe Bay sailing for Nanaimo while the second one was coming in from Gibsons. Attaching a couple of pictures. Both were very visible on the clear sunny day from Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.

Equipment used Nikon D300s + 400mm Sigma Prime.

Queen of Oak Bay

Queen of Oak Bay

Queen of Surrey

Queen of Surrey