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Panama Jungles in HDR

Having gone on a long overdue vacation to the jungles of central america, I had brought a fairly light kit with me including my 11-16 DX Tokina.

I am not a huge HDR fan but for some of the jungle shots I had tried to get the 3 exposure shots and here are the results. Enjoy these while I work on the Faces of Central America collection … coming soon!

Oh yeah the below pictures are pretty big so give them a second to load!

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shawn sviridov photography -

in panama jungles – HDR shot

shawn sviridov photography

Panama River in Boquete – HDR shot

shawn sviridov photography

Whats better than 1 4×4 from USSR — 2 4×4 in HDR – cars in panama

shawn sviridov photography

Boquete mountains open up towards the city in the south. HDR


shawn sviridov photography

Taken this one on the street with a lot of street traffic, thus people look like ghosts. Teatro Nacional Costa Rica


Ballet Magic

Magic of Ballet captured through the lens. I had the pleasure of shooting two beautiful ballerinas from Mexico they have been performing in Vancouver for about six months. I was able to have them do their magic in the studio last weekend and here are the amazing photos. .

For the techies the shots were made with a 6 foot impact umbrella and a 7 foot parabolic umbrella shooting with a d610 and d5100 using a 24-70 lens. For the flash I used an sb900 commander with sb700 and sb600 slaves. For the seven foot umbrella I used two flashes firing simultaneously into it to provide enough output.

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Low Key – with Led Lighting

Last weekend I had a pleasure of working with the beautiful Ann Narky who stroke up some amazing poses and Konstantin who joined her in a few pictures for a couples’ sensual photography shot and then stayed for a couple of candid and head shots).

Their amazing couples shots will be published soon but now for the star of the shoot..Ann

Ann was the star of the shoot – with our goal really focusing on the body and shape and form – a couple of the pictures are attached here. Shooting in the studio was a bit chilly but the camera and the talented model kept going until we ended up with some fantastic pictures.

The setup was a softbox at -2 stops, iso 125, a fill umbrella and a use of my cell phone LED light to add touches of highlights to the body. All shots taken using the Nikon FX with a 24-70 setup.

low key nude - using led light to add detail

low key nude – using led light to add detail

low key nude - using led light to add detail

low key nude – using led light to add detail

Anime Revolution 2015 – action shot

I made it out to Anime Revo today very briefly – as I was passing back on my way home from the Gym (yes that’s work in progress too) – and was able to get a pose and snap about 5 pictures of a well armed couple.

A Crimson Lance guard from Borderlands and Sinon from Sword Art. Great costumes – but looking around (me being a me) I decided that it would be fun to get some photoshop actions happening.

Always shoot with an end result in mind – mine was, a battle field? I have the action heroes already so why not shoot in that manner. Sadly it is hard to find a battlefield type background in Vancouver so the next best thing – a STAIRCASE.

Here is the before and after picture! Just one picture, but I think it worked out (please forgive for quick photoshop technique!).

AniRevo Photowork

AniRevo Photowork