Shooting for a Fundraiser in Rockabilly Style

A fantastic and positive event at Rocky Point Taphouse in Port Moody and I was invited to capture and photograph the event.

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ss1bonusRocky Point Fund Raiser RPTLogol76 RPTLogol89 RPTLogol93 RPTLogol94

"Fun"draiser for 6year old Seanny 3x Cancer Survivor. Mister Nickel will be hosting the Event with Pennie Bell starting off the Evening. Jay & The Cadillac Bones will be Belting Out the Best Rockabilly in the Lower Mainland!!

Dixie Delight will be hosing an Auction mid-way through the night with some "Very Cool Things"..

Audrey Marx and Ann Narkey will then be showing off their Sultry Burlesque moves to be followed by Jay & the Cadillac Bones.

Zombies Cobalt What?

Downtown Vancouver, while everyone was happily getting ready to watch Game of Thrones there was a shoot happening. Cobalt Crew and thats all that I could find out, no one would say what the shoot was about. It was on Pender and Thurlow with lots of CA Police and News.

I got two shots off before the staff sternly warned me off. Looks like a zombie apocalypse Fear the Walking Dead.

Couple of Pics Here:


Being waved off even though I was shooting from across the street

Being waved off even though I was shooting from across the street

Fake news trucks for the shoot

Fake news trucks for the shoot

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