Vancouver Fog Video

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03 Dec 2016 in Landscape, video

Author : galleryssadmin

Capturing the city is always something that is near and dear to my heart. This year Vancouver has had a record rain fall level, with October and November being some of the wettest days of the year, which means I am either shooting at the studio, or trying to get out into any sunshine I can possibly find.

December 1st was such a day, waking up and peeking out of my window I saw blue sky right above and a wall of fog straight out towards english bay. This meant only one thing, get a move on, the sun was rising at around 7:49 which left me with 30 minutes to get to North or West Vancouver and see if I can capture a time lapse or a long exposure of the fog.

By the time I was on the mountain the sun was up, and a long exposure shot or time lapse was out of the question. This left me with video, and the result is below, I had a total of 1.5 hours of footage, to cut up and speed up – some of the video clips below are up to 32x sped up! But you can see the movement of the clouds and the fog in all its glory as Vancouver wakes up and gets ready for work, wrapped in a blanket of a late fall fog.

click on links below to download a 2560×1440 wide screen wallpaper

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